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      What if you could:

    harness the power of seven historically trusted botanicals in one beverage?

    drink one ounce of juice and receive the antioxidant power of six servings of fruits and vegetables?

    fight free radicals, support immunity, enhance mental clarity and boost your energy all at the same time?

With.. New OliViva!

Available 2008
OliViva Juice
New OliViva captures the antioxidant power of fresh olive leaf and blends it with six other energizing, healthpromoting botanicals to give you a life-giving juice unlike anything else you have ever experienced. New OliViva has an incredibly high ORAC score of 85,000 units per liter! This is 200 - 600% higher than other nutritional juices on the market. With only 1 ounce of juice, you will receive the antioxidant potency of more than 6 servings of fruits and vegetables!

This new synergistic blend of natural, historically proven remedies will fight free radical damage, support immunity, enhance mental clarity, boost your energy and help you achieve the radiant health you desire!
Each bottle contains 30 servings of OliViva.

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